Have We Chosen Solange & Jay Z Over The Kidnapped Schoolgirls? [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show

Last week, our hearts and prayers were focused on the tragic and outrageous news of hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls being forcibly stolen by the Islamic militant terror organization Boko Haram. But this week, we seem to be much more focused on watching (and re-watching) the Solange/Jay Z/Beyonce family drama unfold on videotape as we collectively scour the Internet for unending rumors and speculations about how the trouble started.

It?s been nearly a month since these innocent girls were kidnapped from school ? but because of a certain celebrity fight, the social media push for their return has diminished. Have we forgotten about them? Have we stopped praying for their safe return?

In this exclusive interview with Pastor Jamal Bryant on ?The James Fortune Show,? talks about the remarkable initiatives he?s planning to do his part to help save the stolen girls, including leading a delegation to Nigeria! Listen to the audio…

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Successes and Failures

When a bio is done on a successful individual, you often here, they were voted “Most likely to succeed”, in high school.

My question is…

What happened to those who held this title and didn’t… (succeed, that is)

Maybe… There should be different levels of success attached to this title… you know, “One man’s success, is another man’s failure.”

After all… A serial killer can be successful at what he does.

This past S…

This past Sunday, as my husband and I were exiting the Walmart, I stopped to study the Missing Children’s Flyers (It’s a habit, I don’t mind admitting).

He stood there waiting patiently (as usual)… As we were walking to the truck he asked me, what would I do, if I actually saw a missing kid?
I said… Go into SVU mode of course!
(I was only half-joking)

When it comes to the kiddies… No matter whose they are, there’s this fierce protectiveness I feel, especially when it comes to cases of abuse/neglect.

I’m one of those moms whereas the neighborhood kids can come hangout…
shoot hoops, pool, get fed…
AND YES… In part, so I can keep an eye on my son and his crew… BUT… Also, out of genuine concern for the little hardheads… After all, they are our future. 🙂