This past S…

This past Sunday, as my husband and I were exiting the Walmart, I stopped to study the Missing Children’s Flyers (It’s a habit, I don’t mind admitting).

He stood there waiting patiently (as usual)… As we were walking to the truck he asked me, what would I do, if I actually saw a missing kid?
I said… Go into SVU mode of course!
(I was only half-joking)

When it comes to the kiddies… No matter whose they are, there’s this fierce protectiveness I feel, especially when it comes to cases of abuse/neglect.

I’m one of those moms whereas the neighborhood kids can come hangout…
shoot hoops, pool, get fed…
AND YES… In part, so I can keep an eye on my son and his crew… BUT… Also, out of genuine concern for the little hardheads… After all, they are our future. 🙂



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